Computer Repair Services


$99 per hour (maximum charged, 3 hours).


Data Transfer and Back Up Service (Critical Data)
How often do you back up your computer? If it were to crash or be stolen, would you lose important data?
Call for price.

Network Set-Up

Allows your computers to share an internet connection along with photos, documents, videos and peripheral devices such as printers. Wireless set-up when devices are available (includes router security setup when needed).

Software & Hardware Installation

Software installation
Hardware installation

Hardware Cleaning

Hardware cleaning


If your hard drive becomes unstable, we'll clone it to a larger drive transferring your operating system, programs and data. (Price of hard drive not included).

System Software Upgrades

(Windows 8.1 Operating System)

Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 (includes Full Version disk)
Enjoy the versatility and ease of use of Windows 8 Operational System (fresh install recommended). On Windows 7, a Back-Up Data Transfer is recommended.

Upgrade for Mac Operational System and Updates (OS X Mavericks)

Data Recovery

Data Recovery
If your computer suffers a hard disk crash, we'll recover your lost files using proprietary, specialized software. If we can't recover any of the lost data, you won't be charged.

Advanced Data Recovery
Sometimes mechanical failures render a software-based data recovery impossible. We offer you greater leverage by accessing our partner's facilities for more advanced and thorough recovery, even if the hard drive is physically broken.

Systems Virtualization

Systems Virtualization . . . Call for pricing.

Voice Over Internet

Voice Over Internet . . . Call for pricing.


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